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Diacks Nurseries, an enduring legacy that spans over a century, has undergone a remarkable evolution to become the cherished horticultural establishment it is today, garnering unwavering support from the residents of the southern region.

Back in 1908, the visionary Colin Diack sowed the first seed in the picturesque Catlins area, igniting the flame of a thriving family enterprise that now proudly extends into its sixth generation of passionate horticulturalists.

Initially cultivating vegetables in a modest nursery nestled on Biggar Street, Colin took to the streets with his horse and cart, tirelessly selling his bountiful harvest. Little did he know that this humble beginning would serve as the foundation for the remarkable growth of Diacks Nurseries.

The indelible mark left by the locals of Southland cannot be understated, as their unwavering support propelled the business beyond its modest origins on Biggar Street (now Balmoral Drive) to the thriving establishments found today on Tweed Street and Lorneville, Invercargill.

These two magnificent retail outlets, boasting a comprehensive range of offerings, including a wholesale nursery and a landscape service, are a testament to the vision and dedication of the Diack family. The Tweed Street site, initially constructed in 1945 and meticulously renovated in 2000, stands as a symbol of enduring quality and innovation. In 2000, the family expanded their reach by acquiring the esteemed Lorneville Garden Centre, followed by the Lorneville wholesale nursery in 2002.

Upon procuring the Lorneville site in 2001, the Diacks made the bold decision to conduct a clearing sale and auction, leaving behind an empty garden centre. Thus commenced the arduous task of revitalization—water blasting, painting, and restocking—culminating in a fresh, revitalized appearance.

Further expansions in 2002, accompanied by an extensive renovation spanning 2003-04, solidified the garden centre's position as a premier destination. With a meticulously planned layout and an abundance of space to showcase their extensive stock, this picturesque haven enjoys a prime location on the bustling north-bound highway connecting Invercargill to Queenstown, as well as the central, western, and northern regions of Southland. Its strategic placement entices farmers from rural areas and retirees from Winton and beyond, many of whom may have otherwise hesitated to venture across town to the Tweed Street shop.

Colin Diack, a true pioneer, revolutionized the local horticultural scene by acquiring Invercargill's first rotary hoe. In subsequent years, he acquired state-of-the-art equipment, including seed sowing machinery, a potting machine, and a media mixer, all of which continue to play a vital role in the nursery's daily operations.

While time ushers in change, certain aspects remain unwavering through the years. The Diack name and the familiar faces behind the counter stand as a testament to this enduring legacy. Supported by a dedicated team of loyal staff and the strong presence of the expansive Diack family, Diacks Nurseries has flourished for over a century, exemplifying the epitome of a successful, thriving family business.

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